Kadampa Festivals provide a chance to receive clear, authentic teachings, empowerments and guided retreats and meditations. Due to Covid restrictions, Gen-la Dekyong will be recording the empowerment teachings from the World Peace Temple at Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, and the other Festival teachers will be recording their teachings from the US World Peace Temple at KMC New York.  Because of this, Americans have the opportunity to gather either: virtually, or at a limited in-person festival at KMC New York*

*Please read more about this in-person Festival below to find out more regarding the program and Covid-19 guidelines. 

Online US Festival

Join hundreds of people from around the United States who have gathered virtually to experience the US Festival. Because it is online, every American has the opportunity to join this Festival!

The Festival program will all be included online–this includes the empowerment, all the teachings, guided meditations, retreat sessions and chanted prayers. 

The empowerment will be viewable two times on Saturday, June 19 from 4pm-6pm (EDT) and again at 4pm-6pm (PDT). It will not be viewable after this time. The teachings, guided meditations, retreat and chanted prayers will all be available until July 1 at 11:59pm.

All Online Festival teachings, meditations and retreat sessions will be conducted in English. English and Spanish captions will be provided for Gen-la Dekyong’s sessions only. 

In-Person US Festival

Although we still can’t hold the Festival as we normally would, we will be holding a “mini” US Festival at the US World Peace Temple at KMC New York! Being able to partake in authentic Dharma teachings in a blessed Temple is an incredibly profound and meaningful experience. 

  • Watch the empowerment and Gen-la Dekyong’s teachings on a large screen. The introduction, meditations and retreat will be taught in the US World Peace Temple by Gen Rigpa, Gen Chokyi and Kadam Morten
  • Connect with US Sangha friends in-person
  • Enjoy the World Peace Cafe, shop, and beautiful 82 acres of woodlands and nature trails at KMC New York

In-person attendance will have very limited numbers, which are being determined by New York State restrictions. For more information regarding the event Covid guidelines click here.