Everyone must register at least 24 hours before arrival. All registration should be made online and are only valid when accompanied by the 25% deposit. Your registration cannot be transferred to another person.

The Course You Will Attend:
The 2019 US Festival begins on the evening of Friday, April 26, and will end with the final session at lunchtime Wednesday, May 1.

Confirmation Letters:
You will receive a letter confirming the details of your registration and payment: Please keep this safe and bring it with you to the Festival. If you are not able to show your confirmation letter you will be required to show some form of photographic identification (e.g. passport, driver’s license) in order to check-in at the Festival.

Refund Policy:  
Information regarding refunds is on the Festival Fees page.

Check-in Times – Festival Registration will be open from 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm on Friday, April 26 and at various times posted during the Festival. The Festival begins with dinner at 5:30 pm on Friday, April 26, and ends Wednesday lunchtime, May 1.

Information regarding meals can be found on the Festival Fees page.

Basic information about accommodations can be found on the Accommodations page.

Early Arrivals and Late Stays:  
Pre-Festival stays are available April 24 & 25 only. Post-Festival stays are available for the night of May 1. These can be booked online when you register (dormitory, shared and camping accommodation only available for early arrivals). Other than these days, stays must be booked directly with KMC NY by emailing [email protected] and are charged at the usual KMC NY accommodation rates www.kadampanewyork.org.

Information about the airport shuttle and parking permits is provided on the Transportation and Parking page.

Special Needs and Accessibility:
There are wheelchair-accessible toilet and shower facilities at KMC NY. Entry to the Temple and some accommodation is ramped, but KMC New York is a rustic property and we regret that some roads, paths and areas are inaccessible to wheelchair users and others.

If you are hearing or sight impaired, have difficulty with mobility or any other special needs, please inform us well in advance and we will try to help as much as possible.  We regret that none of the shuttles or airport buses are wheelchair accessible. Please contact the Festival to request an onsite handicapped parking pass if needed.

Children (under 16):
Children (under 16) are welcome to attend the Festival, however, some special conditions apply. Please see Children at the Festival page for more information. In particular please note that two responsible adult carers must be nominated for all children’s bookings, and bookings can only be confirmed on receipt of the required photographs of the two adult carers. Due to the public nature of the Festival, children’s safety and welfare is the responsibility of their nominated responsible adult carers at all times. Children must be supervised at all times by one of these carers.

Refund Policy

Festival Fee

If you cancel before Friday, April 26, we will refund all except the non-refundable 25% deposit. If you cancel on, or after, Friday, April 26, no refunds are given if you cancel all or part of your Festival. Exceptions may be made in circumstances such as sickness or bereavement. You should apply by e-mail to the Festival Treasurer  [email protected] within 2 weeks of the end of the Festival.

Festival Meals

If you cancel before Friday, April 26, we will refund all except the non-refundable 25% deposit. From Friday, April 26 onwards, no refunds can be given for canceled meals.

Onsite Accommodation

If you cancel your accommodation up to and including Wednesday, April 17, we will retain your 25% deposit. If you cancel after Wednesday, April 17, no refunds are given if you cancel all or part of your accommodation booking.

Airport Transfer

Full payment is required to secure a place on the bus – this will automatically be calculated when you make your booking. Due to contractual obligations this is fully refundable only if you cancel up to and including Wednesday, April 17. If you cancel after Wednesday, April 17, no refunds are given for your airport transfer. If there is insufficient demand for a bus at a particular time, we will notify you in writing. In this case, the fee paid will either be credited against your remaining Festival balance or if you have a zero balance, we will refund you in full.  We regret that Airport Transfers are not wheelchair friendly.

Any non-refunded fees arising from cancellations are donated to the NKT-IKBU International Temples Project.